Physical Description

Thanagarians are a small feathered race that stand approximately a meter tall. They are obviously descended from something approaching terran birds, though their head is nearly humanoid. They have two eyes, large membrane ears, nostrils, and an mouth approximately where humans have each of theses organs. Their mouth particularly has flexible lips and gums and is enormously expressive when not being used as a manipulative organ in combination with their prehensile tongue. Which it often is, because they have no manipulative organs on their upper extremities, great wings that fold back against their body. Their two legs, however, end in highly articulated fingers with enormous manual dexterity and grip strength. Thanagarians have no difficulty balancing on one leg, manipulating items with a combination of their tongue and one foot. In a pinch, they can sit on their rear end and use all three manipulative organs. Most Thanagarians have a brilliant blue plumage of varying shades.


Thanagarians do best in a dense atmosphere and can’t survive in atmospheres that humans would find thin but breathable. They have two genders, but there is an approximate 5:1 ratio of females to males and no concept of monogamy. Despite their appearance, birth live children rather than eggs. However their young have an accelerated maturity rate, becoming adults in approximately ten years and entering old age at forty. Thanagarians can glide in dense atmospheres and 1.5 G conditions. Under light gravity (.75 G and less) they can achieve true flight for brief periods, though they find it exhausting.


By human standards, Thanagarians are easily distracted, difficult to educate, and irritatingly self-centered. That said, they have an incredible appreciation for art and a true gift for languages and vocal performances. They also have an enormous tolerance for abuse from those they deem their social superiors.

Game Rules

As Small creatures, Thanagarians have a Strength of 1d6+2, an Endurance of 1d6, and a Dexterity of 3d6. They also have a Weak Education (-1) and Weak Social Standing (-1). They do have Natural Weapons in the form of talons at the end of their wings, dealing 1d6 damage and taking no penalty from a negative strength DM. They also get Art 0, Athletics (Fly) 0, and Language (any) 1 as bonus skills at character creation.


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