Physical Description

The Dryadians are a three-legged(1), two-armed race whose upper body is basically humanoid. They average a little larger than most humans. Their heads consist of a single eye with multiple eyelids for varying vision modes, a small mouth, and a ring of ears that also serve as airways to their lungs. Their predominant skin tone is gray, though some shade to dark browns or even tans. They are hairless and instead have pockets of fatty tissue under the skin to insulate themselves from low temperatures. Their hands are somewhat less dexterous than those of a human, and they often rely on a two-handed grip where a human being would only use one hand. Their voices are slightly high-pitched and have a peculiar echo.

Most humans exposed to Dryadians for the first time find them to be rather ugly. On the positive side, variations between individual Dryadians are exactly the sort the human brain is built to notice. Humans rarely have any trouble telling one individual Dryadian from another.

(1) The third ‘leg’ is actually a heavily evolved and modified tail and is not utilized in any locomotion more rapid than a fast walk.


Dryadians are adapted for a cold, thin atmosphere (by human standards). In fact, they are remarkably sensitive to atmospheric pressure and will literally choke to death in air pressure much above two terran atmospheres. Because of this, utilizing a compressed atmosphere underwater can be fatal to them. They age slower than human beings, meaning that in mixed societies they can rise to high positions through simple seniority. They are also somewhat lesss fertile. They do have two distinct genders, with the females being slightly larger and having a womb located on their back. Both genders wear clothing covering their reproductive organs but not on their upper bodies.


Dryadians have an emotional range remarkably similar to that of humans. Broadly speaking they are somewhat calmer and less passionate. However, they respond to extended period of stress with a giddy emotional reaction of automatic rebellion rather than depression. It might be best compared to the behavior of a petulant, destructive human teenager, but Dryadians of all ages can succumb to this disorder. In high tech societies, they will often take medication for it.

Game Rules

Dryadians have an Notable Endurance (+1) and a Slow Metabolism. They are also naturally psionic, though to a limited degree. All Dryadians roll 2d6-7 to determine their Psi score and have Telepathy 0 if their score is a 1 or greater. Those with a Psi score may also attempt to enter the Psion career.


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