Rorrik Nash

Burned out ex-spy

  • UPP: 8B27C7
  • Homeworld: Liseem
  • Entertainer 1 / Agent 4

Skills: Art 0; Astrogation 1; Carouse 0; Comms 3; Deception 1; Drive 1 (wheeled vehicles); Engineer (J-Drive) 2; Gun Combat 1 (energy pistol); Gun Combat 2 (slug pistol); Investigate 1; Mechanic 1; Medic 3; Persuade 1; Pilot 1 (spacecraft); Steward 0; Streetwise 0; Trade 0

NPC Relations: Rival (Travers Masterson); Enemy (gained while undercover as rogue)

Cash: 10,000 credits

Notable Possessions: Comm TL-10, Waferjack, Body Pistol


Nash’s homeworld is very industrialized, very business. Being an excellent student in school; Nash graduated near the top of his class while also being a few years younger than his classmates. After university, he went into the field of journalism; making his way as an investigative reporter. He began to work on, what he called, the story of the age; a link between organized drug cartels and high-ranking Imperium officials. Unfortunately what was to be his greatest story, turned out to be his last.

Rorrik took a tip from one of his collegues, Travers Masterson; who matched Nash up with an informant claiming to have data Nash needed to expose Imperium corruption. The informant was a fake, his information completely false; and Rorrik Nash was humiliated and laughed out of his profession.

But his investigative skills caught the sight of certain circles in Imperium Intelligence; and Rorrik was brought into the intelligence world under his handler known only to him as X. X strengthened Nash’s investigative skills, while at the same time providing him with training to work as an undercover spy in the seedy underworld. Nash wasn’t paid well, but he was given food, shelter, and a chance to uncover who Travers was secretly working for, who it was that Nash pissed off.

Nash was able to infiltrate certain drug rings with the help of Ebek Velum; and the two formed a sort-of-partnership. Velum was Nash’s key to the underwold, and X supplied Nash with goods and cash to pay off Velum.

The intelligence business has taken its toll on Nash. His desire for the truth has become somewhat of an obsession for him, to the point where Nash has put answers before his own well-being. On the outside, Nash appears a fit, healthy individual in his late thirties; but internally, he’s a mess. Despite X’s disapproval, Nash had a computer jack installed behind his ear. It allows him to jack into certain computers giving Nash not only advanced skills, but a possible link to the secrets certain individuals keep in their most personal data files. While jack’ed into a drug lord’s datapad, Nash tripped a security program which instantly fried the datapad…and Nash with it. The mistake has left Nash internally frail, a man on the verge of collapse. Nash will occasionally suffer such ailments such as nose bleeds or coughing fits, the only signs that Nash is not as fit as he seems.

His frailty has cost him his career. X has no use for a shell of a man; and so Rorrik was given a chance to leave the company “voluntarily” with small sum of cash, and a free transport to one of the nearest ports X could find. Jobless, unhealthy, and not too wealthy; Rorrik now lives on with only a few simple goals: find the answers he seeks, find who screwed him and sent him on this path, ruin their life as they ruined his, and then put a bullet in their head.

Rorrik Nash

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