Ebek Velum

A shady character

  • UPP: 7C9987
  • Homeworld: ????
  • Rogue 4/ Marine 1


Advocate 0; Athletics (coordination) 1; Carouse 1; Deception 1; Gun Combat (slug pistol) 1; Gun Combat (energy pistol) 1; Gunnery (turrets) 1; Medic 1; Melee (unarmed) 1; Melee (blade) 2; Pilot (spacecraft) 1; Recon 0; Stealth 3; Streetwise 1; Tactics 0; Vacc Suit 0

NPCs Relations: Contact (Rana), Contact (??? from rogue days)

Cash: XXXX credits

Notable Possessions:


Ebek Velum was raised in a seedy section of an industrialized city by a mother who sold her body to put food on the table. Before drink and drugs robbed her of beauty Ihetu Velum was a woman of exceptional beauty who often caught the eye of traveling dignitaries, local politicians, drug lords and arsitocrats when she worked the uptown corridors. After one of her many trists, Ihetu became pregnant by a “client” and 9 months later Ebek was born. Although she decided to love her son as if he was conceived in a relationship of love she never disclosed to her teen-aged son the name or origin of his birth father. Even on her death bed Ihetu kept this information from Ebek and begged him to please just let the “past be the past.”

Nineteen years-old and fending for himself Ebek soon had to carve his own niche in the decadent underworld that surrounded him. With the gift of a quick mind, a sharp tongue and an even sharper blade the charismatic youth sold information, drugs, arms, cybernetics and whatever else he could “acquire” and sell through a underground black market network made of less than reputable merchants.

Ebek has made several “friends” (and enemies) during his dealings as a smuggler, thief and rogue and is considered by many in his trade to be one of the best—earning him the the nickname “smoke” not just due to the ever present cigarette in his mouth but because he seems to vanish like a puff of smoke.

In his late twenties Ebek was recruited to be in the Marines because of his stealth abilities and had seen many tours during his term in the service. He enjoyed the physicality of the service and used them for training as much as they used him as an operative.

Ebek Velum

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