Traveller: In the Run

September 4, 2010

Game Session 2

Imperium Date: 1116-016

Once in jumpspace, the PCs have a chance to look through their loot.

  • 1 ton of repair drones – base price 200,000 per ton, -4 DM on broker modification for sale price since these are undocumented and used.
  • 20 Stunners (TL-10, 2d6+3, 750 credit, 20 spare power packs 200 credits each)
  • 4 laser rifles; (TL-9, 5d6, 3500 credits each)
  • 6 laser pistols; (TL-9, 3d6, 2000 credits each; 6 spare power packs 1000 credits each)
  • 5 suits poly carapace armor (TL-10, protect 10, 10,000 credits) (others destroyed)
  • 6 static swords (L-10, 3d6+2, heft 2, 250 credits)
  • 7 frag grenades
  • Cryo case containing Captain Raynor Federsen, the human captain of the Gotland
  • Collection of pictures from Federsen’s quarters
    Large pile of books, datapads, and documents including:
  • Unique datapad with copy of letters regarding pulling item ‘offworld’ ahead of the Imperium and concealing them in various places. It’s frustratingly vague and uses a lot of slang and codes
  • collection of poetry and essays from someone who has been to many different worlds
  • This is an info-paper document showing various astrographic identified locations all through the Run, along with some sort of scientific and/or code information on each. Judging by the date it was prepared over 90 years ago in Imperium, and it looks like someone else was trying to decode it and determine for themselves what it means, as there are sticki-chips all over it. It looks like two of the locations are marked as having been visited. Looks like a cross between a belt miner’s map and a Scout’s survey document. Awan eventually recalls that it came from the officers’ locker.

(finish later)



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